Coffee Machine

Dvends Coffee Machine is an automated smart coffee vending machine that serves freshly brewed bean-to-cup coffee with a simple touch. Brewing from the finest and premium Arabica coffee beans coupled with other premium ingredients for a rich and aromatic brew. Each cup of drink is specially brewed for you as you can adjust your coffee strength and sugar level based on your personal preference. Our Coffee Machine is available 24 hours daily for you to get your cuppa fixed at any time of the day!
DimensionH:1940mm x W:735mm x D:790mm
Peak Power3000W          Standby power: Less than 25W
Making TimeAbout 45s
Screen22″ HD touch screen
Cup capacity140 cups, 140caps(optional)
Coffee bean hopper1.5KG
Instant canisters(4L*6)
Brewer system

7-16g powder


Large capacity coffee bean canister and canisters for a variety of ingredients.

Transparent canister able to hold 1.5kilograms of coffee beans and 6 canisters at 4 Litre for ingredients, more than 20 different tastes can be
made. There is a protection lid in the coffee bean canister to make sure coffee beans won’t jump out. Ingredients precisely weighed, dispensing stable.

DVends Coffee Machine