Vending Machine

We provide a workplace and public amenities vending machine which are smart IoT multipurpose vending machines. The vending machines equipped with a full range of snacks, drinks, refreshments, necessities products and essential products.
ScreenMain 21.5 inch touchscreen
GlassdoorMain cabinet: Double tempered glass
Subcabinet: Tempered glass
Merchandise VarietyMain: 6 layers, 9 items for each layer
Sub: 6 layers, 4/5/9 items for each layer
CapacityAbout 540 to 600kg
Payment SystemIntegrated e-wallet and paywave solutions
Size & Weight
Main: W1250mm x T800mm x H1950mm
Sub: W850mm x T800mm x H1950mm
Total: around 500kg
Cooling SystemR134a refrigerant
Hardware240 watts power supply, Android board and QR reader
Software Options
Report Function
Sales movement, redemption function, stock management and reports.


Customise Marketing Strategy

This is a side product of the new smart vending machine. The display screen on smart vending machines, able to being better user interactions, and also provide considerable advertising value. These include video advertising and E-poster.

DVends Vending Machine