Why us

Benefits to business owner


Understanding your business needs

Marketing Plan

Increase brand awareness through a comprehensive plan


A large selection of different self-service vending machines

IoT Payment Method

Provide contactless payment

Front End Ordering System

Exclusively developed Frontend Sales Data Input System

Restocking / Supply

Provision of vending machine restocking service

Repair / Maintenance Services

12 hours technical support for any vending machines technical issues

Back-end Data Operating System

Provide Franchisees Back-end sales and inventory data


How to own a vending machine business, hassle-free?

We provide one-stop service allow you to join the vending machine business in just 5 easy steps.

We're epic since 2020

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We welcome you to join us if you are

Those who are looking for secondary and/or passive income.

Those who are also looking into vending machines but don’t want all the hassle.

Those who need low start-up cost.